20 Responsive Email Newsletter Templates—For Your Next Marketing Campaign

By April 21, 2016 Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing, according to Ascend2, a research and marketing firm. Based on survey results reported in Forbes Magazine, 54% of global respondents rated email marketing as giving them the best results.

These results make sense when you consider that email newsletter templates are cost-effective and don’t take a lot of time to put together. After all, you have to find time to run your business, too, so why not choose the marketing method that has solid results and doesn’t take a long time to implement?

Small businesses usually find it hard to contact their leads and customers without spending a small fortune. Yes, you have to market your products and services, but shouldn’t be penalized for doing so. A well-chosen and well-designed responsive email template is a quality solution to this pain point.

In addition, web designers and email marketing companies will find our huge selection of email newsletter templates useful when marketing your services to your clients. Or when assisting your clients with their email marketing campaigns.

Best Responsive Email Newsletter Templates
Best Email Newsletter Templates, available for sale on Envato Market (ThemeForest).

Here are 20 of our best responsive email newsletter templates, available on Envato Market (ThemeForest). Being multi-purpose, and packed with useful features, they can serve a variety of business types. Browse through the diverse design options:

This gorgeous responsive email template has netted high ratings from dozens and dozens of satisfied customers who’ve already used it for their email marketing campaigns.

With more than 10 templates and upwards of 156 unique modules, this template makes email marketing efficient, effective and easy-to-use. A WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor means you’re in total control of your small business’ messaging. It’s compatible with MailChimp, iContact, Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

Multimail  Responsive Email Set  MailBuild Online

This responsive email template is designed to help your small business reach new leads and markets. It comes complete with 24 unique templates and 300 individual design modules.

The copious amount of padding and white space in between blocks of content means you can highlight your marketing messages without your readers missing the most important parts. It comes with CSS and HTML files and is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and MailChimp.

UltiMail - Multipurpose Email  Builder Access

With this responsive email template, your marketing message will cut through the noise and be heard by your target audience more effectively than ever. With numerous styles for the headers and footers, 18 PSDs included, and more than 50 draggable modules, it’s perfect for customizing to your compaign. Use color contrast as much you like to highlight important calls to action with its unlimited color palette.

Kent - Responsive Email Template  StampReady Builder

A multipurpose email template, Miaghi’s design lets you customize your marketing message any way you want. Thanks to its 230+ design blocks, you can shift around your content to highlight whatever you feel is most important for your small business. Move around background images, calls to action, borders and white space to optimize your conversion goals. It includes layered PSD, HTML and CSS files.

Miaghi - Multipurpose Email Template  Builder Access

Quick and easy email customization is the name of the game with Emailio’s responsive email template. Featuring numerous typography, design, template and navigation categories, this newsletter can become the cornerstone of your small business’ email marketing campaigns.

With clean, modern designs and high-quality images to complement the whole package, Emailio is also compatible with Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook.

Emailio - Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

Email newsletter templates have to communicate in snippets to support customers’ scanning reading behavior. With Avana’s text editor, it’s easier than ever for small businesses to properly format their marketing messages, so that their target audience comes away with all the vital info.

Featuring 23 different modules, unlimited layouts and limitless color schemes, any conversion-optimized template design is possible. Its drag-n’-drop feature also ensures that you’re in complete control over your newsletter’s information architecture.

Avana - Responsive Email Template  Builder Access

This multipurpose template is completely responsive, allowing you to market to customers across all of their devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. Thanks to Sketch, you can reach your audience wherever they spend their time.

Multiple templates feature anything from card-based design to minimalism, ensuring that your promos, special announcements or event notifications are easy to read and memorable. Sketch includes CSS, HTML and layered PSD files.

Sketch - Responsive Email With Builder Access

Mist features 30 business email templates that are excellent for a multitude of different business types. Web designers and email marketers can highlight their services to prospects while mom-and-pop shops looking to break into digital marketing can easily design and set up an email advertising campaign. Mist is responsive and comes with HTML files. It’s compatible with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, FreshMail and MailChimp.

Mist - 30 Business Email Templates  Themebuilder Access

This responsive email template showcases solid backgrounds so you can use negative space to make your marketing message pop with greater urgency. With HTML and layered PSD files included, Magma was created with a clean design scheme that influences all of its modules and template variations.

Its Builder feature lets you customize your email layouts to your heart’s content. It features compatibility with popular services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Opera Mail, Thunderbird and Outlook.

Magma - Responsive Email Template

Featuring 26 different modules from which small business owners can create an unlimited number of layouts, this template is perfect for getting the word out about your business.

Since it’s responsive, it’ll render properly across all devices, allowing you to reach more leads and customers wherever they are! With a clean design and complete customizability, small business owners can feel confident in getting great results with your email marketing.

Course - Responsive Email Template  MailBuild Online

Small business owners don’t have to be marketing, design or tech experts when it comes to this email template. Ferio is easy to use and customize, giving you complete control over your marketing message.

With its clean design and code, expect nothing but readable, legible and nicely formatted emails that communicate exactly what you want about your products and services to your target audience. It is Gmail and Yahoo Mail compatible.

Ferio - Responsive Email  MailBuild Online

This responsive and multipurpose email template’s online builder puts you in control of email marketing campaigns. Start your small business advertising strategy by sending the first email to your segmented customers with this beautiful and modern template.

Litmus tested, it’s compatible with numerous email marketing software like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor but also email clients like Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird and Outlook. Breathe lets you put the important content you want in front of your audience. It comes with HTML files and layered PSD.

Breathe - Responsive Email  Online Builder

Small business owners who want variety and customizability in their marketing can’t go wrong with Atom. It includes unlimited layouts and theme builder access, letting you choose the email design that’s appropriate for your audience.

It’s geared for opens and conversions, this email template comes with well-layered PSD files. A responsive template, it renders correctly across all device sizes, ensuring that your customer base can open and read your emails!

Atom - Responsive Email Template

Customization is key with Priorio, the responsive email template that helps small business owners reach their leads with sharper messaging than ever before. Priorio gives you total control over the email layout, which lets you choose the images you want, edit text to your specifications, and select the right color combinations to drive conversions. It is email-compatible with Gmail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail and Apple Mail, as well as ready to use in Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

Priorio - Responsive Email  MailBuild Online

Dragging and dropping to create your email layouts has never been as easy as it is with Kahuna. As far as email newsletter templates go, Kahuna is versatile. It comes with 27 unique layouts and notifications and a whopping 848 design modules!

This completely responsive email template is a joy to use, letting you communicate your marketing message across all sorts of devices. It is a high-resolution template that includes HTML and CSS files.

Kahuna - Giant Multipurpose Email  Builder Access

Small businesses of all shapes and sizes can use this responsive email template to reach more leads and clients to drum up more sales. Its modern and clean design is a study in the use of minimalism, white space and generous padding to ensure that your message is seen and understood by readers. It offers you complete customization and comes with layered PSD and HTML files.

Tomato - Responsive Email Templates  Builder

Another responsive email template that’s easy to use, Viso also features drag and drop builder access. This allows you to build the exact type of email you want. Do you want to write persuasive text that grabs your readers’ attention from the get go? It’s possible with Viso. How about inserting the images you want to make an impactful first impression on readers? That’s doable, too. Viso includes PSD, layered PSD and HTML files.

Viso - Responsive Email  Builder Online

With more than 20 unique email templates and limitless variations, Omail is the responsive template to use if you want customizability and freedom of design. Small business owners can finally work with a template that chunks messaging into helpful sections, thereby allowing a messaging flow that’s easy to understand. Omail is compatible with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, FreshMail and Campaign Monitor.

Omail - Email Templates Set With Online Builder

Don’t let new leads and old customers slip through your fingers again with this responsive email template. Now, you can market effectively to your demographics by sending them emails they’re sure to get, as they can read your emails wherever they are.

No more missing out on leads and customers because you neglected mobile advertising! Deso features a drag-and-drop mail builder, compatibility with popular email platforms, and unlimited variations and colors.

Deso - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

The Moka responsive template is ideal for small businesses that want a certain level of customizability in their email marketing. With the drag-and-drop mail builder, it’s simple to pick the right template to emphasize specific parts of your messaging where you want it on the page.

You’ll never miss your customers again, thanks to this responsive technology. Moka is compatible with popular email platforms; features HTML, CSS and layered PSD files; and minimalist design.

Moka - Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

Alright, so now you’ve seen how easy templates can make email marketing, but the question still remains: How do you create an email marketing plan? Even the best templates in the world are going to be useless without the knowledge of how to use them to get more conversions, leads and sales.

Here’s what to remember for your first email marketing campaign:

  • Use ethical and legitimate ways of getting email addresses (such as website, social media and video prompts).
  • Optimize your emails for mobile devices.
  • Personalize your emails to your leads.
  • Provide high-quality and generous content that’s not primarily based around you trying to sell something.
  • Write persuasive and powerful headlines to ensure emails get opened in the first place.
  • Write short body copy that’s to-the-point, legible and skimmable.

Learn more about email marketing and how to create your email marketing plan. Begin with this email marketing jumpstart series, or these tutorials:

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