4 Google Analytics features which you must use

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Google Analytics is one of the most useful online tools available that helps you track the performance of your website by determining how many visitors visited your website, their demographics, during which period they came, and how much time they spent browsing your website. It also helps you to monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns by delivering several useful insights.

This post shares the top 4 Google Analytics features which you must use in order to take optimum benefit from this incredible tool offered by search engine giant Google.

1. In-Page Analytics

It is an invaluable option offered by Google Analytics to provide detailed information pertaining to your website traffic. This feature provides exhaustive data about the key statistics related to each page of your website. Using this feature you can find out the links which get maximum attention from your visitors and how they interact with your website.

The In-Page Analytics feature also provides the insightful information about the vital website metrics including average time sent on the page by visitors, bounce rate, page views, conversion rates etc. You can use this information for improving the overall user experience of your website.

2. Custom Audience Segments

Visitor segmentation is another useful feature offered by Google Analytics. You may be missing crucial information related to your website visitors by not leveraging this useful feature. It helps you group and segregate your website visitors, according to distinct physiognomies such as age, gender, affinity, location and other demographic characteristics. In order to check the visitor segmentation data, all you need to do is select “Audience” from the main menu and then click “Interests” or Demographics. You can also create the custom segmentation reports using this feature.

3. Multi-Channel Funnels

If you are seeking insights pertaining to how your website visitors purchase the products and services offered online, then this is the feature you must start using. The online visitors come from various channels to your website and purchase the products. These channels may not always be your online advertisements but can be the link provided on your blog post or though organic search. This tool helps you to get relevant information about how your customers reached the website and using this information you can improve your online marketing strategy. You can also work on fine tuning the resources using which your visitors are coming to your website to purchase the products or services.

4. Tracking the Site Speed

One of the most imperative aspects of a website is its loading speed. Most of the SEO companies give great emphasis to site speed in order to improve the user experience and the overall rankings of the website. Using Google Analytics you can easily check your website’s speed by accessing the “Site Speed” metrics. Click on Behaviour -> Site Speed -> Overview to get information about the loading speed of your website.


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