Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Social Media Than You Might Think

By April 29, 2016 Content Marketing

Social Media: The New MUST in Marketing

Just take a look at any job boards and you’ll see listings for Social Media Managers and Content Generators. From large companies like Enterprise to small businesses like Brush Mortgage in Beaumont, Texas, social media is a must in marketing that is here to stay. But how do Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest add to your bottom line and how can you use these online tools with the least effort?


So many sites, so little time. If you can’t afford to hire someone who specializes in social media marketing, then be smart and make it easy on yourself. The sites with the largest return on investment are Facebook and Twitter. But, depending on your product or service, it may be good to throw Pinterest and Instagram into the mix, among others. But don’t think that you have to create an entirely new post for each one, every single day. One post on a social media management dashboard like Hootsuite or PostPlanner will allow you to post to multiple sites at once, schedule that post when the most eyes are watching and track your company’s engagement so you can make smarter business decisions.


“I am able to post updates and mortgage information happening in the market which keeps my business network constantly informed,” said Meredith Brush, Owner of Brush Mortgage.

Say smart stuff, do your homework and become an instant expert. Useful content makes a customer happy. Does your post give them information, make them smarter, richer, make them happier or skinnier? If not, stop and rethink your words. Using photos and video as a weapon helps your clients interact with your business and bring in the bucks. Think in terms of headlines and drive them to your business website. It’s not always necessary include every single detail in your social media pitch.


“The referrals I obtain from each satisfied customer keeps my phone ringing and helps me build a good, reputable business,” said Brush. “Many of my satisfied customers post testimonials right on my page. Through social media, I am always able to maintain those relationships, as well as make new contacts for future business and networking…which is invaluable in the real estate and mortgage business.”

When you think of soft drinks…you think of Coca-Cola. When you think of laundry detergent…you think Tide. Brand loyalty is important and word of mouth is the best marketing you can get. All social media sites are networks of friends sharing their lives, insights and asking each other about products that work. Be that product or service that works and people will talk.


The easy answer here is to ask any teenager what social media site they’re using. But if no brace-faced kids are around, refer back to keep it simple stupid and stick with the basics: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. Facebook and Twitter for an older demo and Pinterest and Instagram for the younger lads. Always be open to new sites but determine how much time they’ll take and if the time is worth the return.

Once you get your social media pages setup and you manager in place, marketing can be easy, fast and highly cost effective. Adding new sites is a cinch and following up on questions with your expert advice is simple and straightforward and even easier than traditional marketing.

“By using social media, the cost is very low if non-existent. I can maintain long term relationships with clients without having to spend a lot of time making phone calls and spending money on continuous postcards and letters,” said Brush.

Like Meredith says, social media has boosted her bottom line for virtually nothing. A few posts a week keeps her phone ringing and clients informed. But she keeps it simple with by only posting on Facebook…for now. Now it’s your turn…what has worked for your business?


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