[Infographic] 32 Steps to Rank Higher on Google Maps for Your Small Business

By October 12, 2016 Business, SEO, Website

When you search a term on Google or any other search engine, you instantly get two kinds of results: free and paid.

In either case how does Google decide whom to show on the very top, whom on the bottom and how to arrange the websites in its results? The main Google’s principle is “Focus on the user and everything else will follow.”

Google arranges results in searches it shows according to how relevant and useful it thinks they are.

To determine relevancy, usefulness, ease of use and overall user experience, Google uses many ranking factors.

For example, how quickly does a website load? Websites that load quickly are more likely to provide a better user experience, because users hate to wait, especially today and especially on the Internet.

Does a website have pages with simple, clear and descriptive meta titles? Great websites have great structure and are very convenient to use.

While there are a lot of factors to consider and many things to do, most of them you can do yourself or have your assistant do them.

With the help of local SEO experts we have created the below infographic with 32 steps you must take if you want to rank higher for your local small business.


Source: 99MediaLab.com.

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