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Not all links are made to perform equally. Those that understand the impact of certain links on SEO performance will have a better chance of ranking their site successfully and benefiting from the real ROI from search marketing. The team from Online Marketing Gurus have provided insight on the following SEO tactics that will help to boost your website’s performance in organic search.

Guest blog posts on high authoritative websites

When it comes to guest blog posting, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. Good guest blog posting is a form of publicity where you can showcase your expertise by contributing content to another web platform in exchange for growing your author profile and web traffic. Building good guest blog posts will naturally earn you links from high authority sites and from other web sources should the audience decide to share the content that you contributed. Steer clear of the bad and ugly guest blogging approach where poor quality content is slapped together and posted on irrelevant sites that have little or no authority.
Business links on relevant and authoritative directories.

Many SEOs may believe that directory link building is dead, but that only refers to the SEO spam directories that plagued the internet and was essentially wiped out by the previous Penguin update. Getting businesses featured on high authority directories such as the Yellow and White Pages can definitely help boost the SEO performance of the website, without any risks of Penguin related penalties.

Local government or authority links

There are several local government and authority organisations that want to see businesses in their area succeed. Many of these organisations provide web portals and directories for businesses to get exposure for their business. Links from these websites tend to have a lot of authority, but the relevancy tends to be generic. It is worth adding these links to a businesses link portfolio.
Links from charities.

It is great when people do good deeds for others. The great thing with charities is that if you do good deeds for them, you may end up getting a link from their site showing that you were a donor. Additionally, the businesses contribution can feature as news that can be used as a press release, thus earning more links across news publications.

Testimonial links

A great way to get authoritative links is by sharing testimonials or referrals with businesses that are your suppliers. Typically, testimonials are shown on the front page or even a dedicated web page on their website. These pages tend to have some or the most authority on the site. The testimonial may be published with a link back to the website, thus passing on valuable link juice to help boost the authority of the website.

Image sharing links

Compelling images can keep web audiences engaged. Allow web users to share the image content easily by providing custom HTML tags or social media buttons such as the Pin button to help them share it easily. Some of the images can acquire several valuable links from the same domain. This gives the image a better chance to rank organically in the image search as well as adding to the credibility of the overall web page that will help it rank for Google’s organic web search.

Social media links

Links from different social media sites can vary with their influence. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have their links no followed, but the ability to share links with key influencers can potentially create opportunities for other webmasters to publish your links on their own websites. Links from social networks like Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit can also build the authority for web pages and potentially pass on authority from their sites. There are several social networks that can be leveraged. The most important thing is to find a social network whose community will relate to the content that you share with them.

These tactics can be powerful if they are implemented successfully. Like the Pareto principle, 20% of effort should yield 80% of results. The same applies to executing link building tactics. Implement these tactics well and you will improve your site’s SEO competitiveness and organic search performance.

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