Simple Tips To Help Give Your Web Design A Brand Image

By April 25, 2016 Design, Website

What is a brand? Is it just a set of symbols or designs? It’s an overall package representing associations, features, and experiences constructing an image for a business. Brand image not just helps a business in winning over the customers, but also to retain them. What factors play an important role in building the brand image of a business? The lines below will help you to great extent if you are at start-up of your business and want to have a brand image.

Colours – It’s More Than Aesthetics

The importance of color in website design is not just meant to stimulate the emotions of the site visitors, but also to let them think visiting the site is their right decision. Every colour has different meaning so should be used according to the unique business needs as well as targeted audience.


Character – Add Personality To The Brand

If your brand has little personality, it will reflect the real business objectives. Whether the brand carries stability or it involves safety; it conveys fun, or it shows humbleness, the benefit will go to your business website.

Anthropomorphism is a term used to attribute human characteristics to animals or any objects. If a brand is infused with anthropomorphic elements, it will add character to that.


Emotion – Helps Brand Building

Usually ignored, but plays a significant role in brand building. It depends on the business or the designers what emotions they want their site visitors to have while visiting the site, as considered by Vania web design Dundee experts. It also depends on the things that they want their site visitors to associate with their brand. More than just following the latest web design trends, the point is to think about the emotions associated with the brand, and then decide about the design with those emotions incorporated.


Consistency – To Make The Design Memorable

To make people memorize things, repeating them is the right way. There should be consistency in the design elements used throughout the website and it helps in giving the website a personality for the brand image. Consistency is not just limited to the colours, but also to the typography, the visuals, and everything else used to make the design influencing. Consistency also allows reusing layout and visuals like images and stylesheets. It will make the site load faster at the screens of the users.


Logo Placing – Make It Effective

Norm is to place the logo at upper left area of a web page. The reason is mostly people look at that page area immediately after opening the site. If the logo were linked to the home page of the site, it would be the best practice. Other than just position, size of the logo is also important. Make it the 2nd or 3rd large thing at your website, noticed by the site visitors.


Value Proposition – Make It Short, But Place Prominently

In very first few seconds, you can convert the visitors into customers. The call to action statement should be placed prominently so as to add value proposition to the visitors. That short statement should convey the real benefit that it will provide to the customers.


Language Tone – Should Reflect The Character

The languages used at a website should reflect the personality of the brand. For young audience, fun tone is the right option, but for mature audience, professional and crafted tone should be the way to go for.


Uniqueness – Become Different

Uniqueness not just helps in brand building, but also makes a website stand apart from the crowd. A unique website also causes visitors to come back again and again at a site.

Brand building is not just significant for smaller firms to large corporate, but for personal websites as well. Branding let the people decide about the quality and differentiation of a website. It’s a factor that can’t be ignored at all.


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