A Simple Way to Double Online Sales & Leads

By April 29, 2016 Content Marketing

Every client I have worked with in the last 12 months (except two) have said the exact same thing:

“I like my website, I just want more traffic…”

Doubling your traffic takes a long time. You have to optimize your website for the search engines and you have to produce fresh content 4-8 times per month. On the other hand, simply optimizing the website’s conversion rate can double (sometimes triple) the number of sales you make and leads you generate. However, this takes only 1-2 weeks.

Here’s what you do

#1 – Gain extra credibility by updating the design(undesirable)

Businesses do this all the time. They update their products, their shops, their uniforms, their packages, their logos etc. And there is a reason why. Look at Apple. They are the biggest company in the world and it is estimated that 35% of their success comes from the design of their products and 45% comes from the usability.

So why did I say it is undesirable? Rest assured that is not my point of view. It is the point of view of almost all my clients (and my competitor’s clients). By making a small investment in updating the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of your website, not only will your sales go up, but the amount each customer ends up spending goes up too.

#2 – Efficient ‘Call to Actions’

The reason I say ‘efficient’ is because most call to actions are clearly not efficient. Getting a nice button and headline are difficult enough, but most companies mess up the easiest bit, which is the action.

I see this kind of inefficient lead generation all over the internet. I can’t understand why you would need so much information if someone is requesting a proposal or a quote. Surely, you aren’t going to fax it to them or send them a postcard from an online inquiry?

#3 – The Sales Funnel

Constructing an effective sales funnel is pretty easy once we have number one and two in place. You want to take your visitor through a journey. Firstly, you want them to know that you can do what they want. Secondly, you then need to prove that you can do what you said. Thirdly, you need to use the first two factors as motivation to contact you, or to make the sale.

Another example

You would be surprised at how quickly your conversion rate improves. Most websites can double or even triple their conversion rates by doing this. Imagine tripling your sales overnight?

Here is an example of a website I just recently redesigned – LegacyForex.com.Full disclosure: this is my business. I designed the website about a year ago and did it in only two days. I was in a massive rush and didn’t pay attention to conversion or design.

Before redesign: 7 leads per week

After redesign: 8 leads per DAY!

The conversion rate increased by 8 fold overnight. The website is about Forex trading and the majority of people find it in Google by typing in ‘Forex signals’ or ‘Free Forex signals’. Here is that visitors experience.

  • Land on the homepage and are told they can make 509 pips per month
  • There is one call to action which tells them to look at our third party verified results
  • The ‘third party verified results’ page has a call to action to sign up to our free signals. A nice and easy little form pops up for them to fill out.

When your ready for a website redesign, we’d be glad to help. Creative Studios . Send us an email: [email protected]

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