Reasons why small businesses DON’T NEED a website

By October 5, 2016 Business, Website

We scoured the earth on your behalf for legitimate reasons a small business doesn’t need a website.  Here’s what we came up with:

  1. You’re a spy agency and don’t want to be found (I’m looking at you, NSA)
  2. You have too many customers
  3. You’re making too much money
  4. Your primary customers are The Flintstones

Well, we tried.

The most common reason we hear from small businesses for not having a website is: “we don’t need one.”

That’s unlikely due to the many uses for a business website including customer support, lead generation, task automation, and more.  But when it comes down to it your website isn’t for you, it’s for your customers.

If a customer has ever asked for directions, about your products, what time you close, about your return policies, etc. then a website can help your business.  This kind of information could all be on your website.

If you don’t have a website, imagine how many prospective customers have searched online for your contact info, hours, location, products, etc.  If prospective customers can’t find this information about your business, then your business doesn’t exist and they’ll go elsewhere.  Wouldn’t you?

Some older business owners still believe a Yellow Pages listing is enough.  While Yellow pages are still used by older audiences, there are many younger people who’ve never even used the Yellow Pages.  Times are a ‘changin.

The best reason to have a website is that there’s no reason not tobecause these days getting a website is easier than ever.

If you want a free DIY solution, go with and upgrade as your budget allows.  Their small business product needs work, but it’s the best free long-term solution out there.

Heck, even if our services aren’t right for you, but you have questions or need help reach out and we’ll point you in the right direction.  All we think about is business websites and we love helping other small businesses.

Whatever you do, just get a website.  Do it for the children…you know, the ones that have never used the Yellow Pages.


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